Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Finger Labyrinth Fun

I have begun to create (& teach how to create!) Finger Labyrinths. They are so magical & I zen right out when creating them. I am so in love!

They are all created (so far!) on canvas boards, sealed for protection & include walls in some form (either gel medium or with string) to keep you on track & instructions on how to use them on the back.

They are all available for sale, I can make a custom labyrinth just for you OR you can come out & learn how to make your very own! (Which is even better!)

8x10 $50
8x10 $50
9x12 $60


Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This one was SO much fun to paint! 

Duchess 8x10 (acrylic)

And a price reminder: 

Order yours:

8x10: 1 pet $50, 2 pets $60, 3 pets $75
12x16: 1 pet $70, 2 pets $80, 3 pets $100, 4 pets $115
'Phoenix' style: 1 pet (head & chest): 12x16: $125, 16x20: $150

Acrylic on framed canvas. Sealed and ready to hang.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where Have I Been?

I have been a busy, busy girl of late with my many projects. Including! Painting various custom pet portrait orders & not sharing with this blog (Bad me!) But I am back & ready to share. Yay! :) Here is a small selection of all I have been up to.

 Biggie 12x16 ("Phoenix" style)
 Charlie 8x10
 Chase 8x10
 Odin, Beyla, Bum Bum & Dilio 12x16
 Oliver, Mia, Tweek & Chloe 12x16
 Pepper 12x16
 Sal & Ozzie 8x10
Saleema 8x10
Vanna 8x10
Pelu & Willow 8x10
Ash & Rowan 8x10
Chopski, Kitty & Wheezy 8x10

I am taking orders currently. Email: for pricing & payment options.