Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rainy Day Fun!!

The forecast calls for rain but I don't care! I have always wanted to do it and I felt NOW was the best time to do it! SO I did:

ISN"T IT GORGEOUS!?!?!? I know - not the most original idea - but I don't care! I hate my front walk and LOVE colour. So I went to Wally Mart last night - purchased some chaulk - and spent my morning doing this. It is my MAGIC WALK! It even makes little magic sprinkles every where you walk! :)

Jewels stood by and watched her Mommy being crazy. I even got a few strange looks from my neighbours - but I think they are just jealous! :)

And it also goes PERFECTLY with my beautiful stars 'lighting' the path! :D (See don't they look lovely there??)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wow - Been A While!

I never realized how long exactly I have been ignoring my blog. Funny how time is flying by....

Lots of new and kinda exciting things have happened and changed and occurred in my journey.

Firstly: more journal playtime and fun! I have recently signed up for a Wreck This Journal journey with other artists to create and generally Wreck the journal (see the link to the right --->). I have been keeping up with it in spurts. Little bits at a time. I have decided not to push it but I do carry it around with me in case inspiration strikes (and it has!)

Mostly as a glue book (and that's ok because it is my journal and I will glue if I want to ! :D )

I have also painted a few more altered business cards, read lots of books, bought a new Wii Fit (this is SO fab I can't even begin to tell you - If you don't have one - get one! Now! Go! :)

I also attend a Stampin' Up class hosted by either my friend Sharon or my friend Becca. It is great fun. Check out to find a host in your area and join the workshops! But be warned: it DOES become an addiction! :D