Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Story of the Pumpkin Fairy!!

This story begins a little while ago on a cool autumn day. Jewels and I were coming home from our walk...

As we were walking up the pathway to the front door a spot of orange caught our eye. "What is this?" we wondered. There upon a bed of leaves sat the cutest little pumpkin: all orange and round; eagerly looking for a new home. So we gave it one! I lovingly picked it up and carried to the front step to sit with a larger pumpkin I had brought home the day before.

After tucking the little pumpkin in to its new home, Jewels and I headed off to work for the day. Little did we know another little pumpkin would find its way into the garden before the day was out - looking for the friend that got away! "Oh, no!" I thought. "We must also give this poor little pumpkin a home!" So off to the porch to be reunited with its little friend. The little pumpkins snuggled together happily.

The next day, Jewels and myself came home to a third little pumpkin that had lost its way.

"How strange!" I thought and quickly placed our new festive treat with my now growing family of pumpkins. "Hmmm.... I wonder who could be doing this?" So I decided I would try asking around to see where all my pumpkins were coming from. After a few brief interrogations it was finally revealed that I had my very own PUMPKIN FAIRY gifting me with little homeless pumpkins. How delightful! I was also informed by a little birdie that more pumpkin fairy antics were sure to ensue. Sure enough - the very next day my once bare tree was blossoming with colour one day...

And my gardens were decked out in smiling faces another day!

The next day I came home to see that the Pumpkin Fairy had not visited me while I was at slaving away at work < :o) >. Saddened - I went into the house. After a little bit - a mysterious phone came informing me that the Littlest Pumpkin Fairy came today and I was to look under the bushes. So away I went and - there - under the bushes sat the littlest pumpkin yet.

I carefully picked up the littlest pumpkin and brought it in from the cold. It now sits looking out the window to wave at the Pumpkin Fairy during visits. The next surprise visit came in the middle of the night and brightly shone its light onto the rest of the ever growing pumpkin family.

I had also noticed one day that the Pumpkin Fairy had spoke to my pumpkins that day and they much more enjoyed their new home so much that they wanted to explore the gardens and visit the flowers instead of sit on the step. Instead on the step stood a pumpkin so full of life - it glittered happily in its new home.

Two more days followed and two more pumpkins arrived.

My house is adored in pumpkin loveliness because of my Pumpkin Fairy Godmother! Wow -what dedication! I wonder just what will be in store for tomorrow. Hmmm... I can hardly wait! :o)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still Going...

Well... I have been at it still with the Halloween stuff around here. Making inchies:


Some StampinUp cards at the workshops I go to regularily and even a little witch girl for my altered encyclopedia I do in my spare time:

Been a blast! Now if I can only figure out how to stop tinking of creative things to do while trying to sleep! Hmmm....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall has Fallen!

Whew! Been a while. Lots of new and exciting goings on in my household.

We installed new windows (some replacement and some new) in the house. That was a week of truly hard work. I have a new found appreciation for people who do that work professionally! :)

Jewels came upon a bad spell of bad luck. What with an upset tummy, removed toe nail and now bladder stones - she has been keeping us all busy and worried. Poor little girl! She has been quite the trooper through it all and still has the smile the prove it though!

I have been also loading my days with my favourite time of the year: HALLOWEEN! I just can't get enough of it and I have been anxiously doing tons of swaps on Swap-bot. My favs so far have been the ATCs, inchies and handmade ornaments (can you really have too many?) I can't wait to decorate!!! Yeah!

I'm not going to promise to be better at this regular blogging thing (for all you people who have complained - I loves ya!) but, in the immortal words of Bart Simpson - I'll try to try! :)