Monday, June 8, 2009

Wow - Been A While!

I never realized how long exactly I have been ignoring my blog. Funny how time is flying by....

Lots of new and kinda exciting things have happened and changed and occurred in my journey.

Firstly: more journal playtime and fun! I have recently signed up for a Wreck This Journal journey with other artists to create and generally Wreck the journal (see the link to the right --->). I have been keeping up with it in spurts. Little bits at a time. I have decided not to push it but I do carry it around with me in case inspiration strikes (and it has!)

Mostly as a glue book (and that's ok because it is my journal and I will glue if I want to ! :D )

I have also painted a few more altered business cards, read lots of books, bought a new Wii Fit (this is SO fab I can't even begin to tell you - If you don't have one - get one! Now! Go! :)

I also attend a Stampin' Up class hosted by either my friend Sharon or my friend Becca. It is great fun. Check out to find a host in your area and join the workshops! But be warned: it DOES become an addiction! :D


Melita said...

love what you've done with the journal. looking forward to the rest of the journey with you!!

Jamie Ridler said...

Welcome to The Next Chapter! It's going to be fun wrecking the journal with you. And yeah, absolutely, it's your journal, so do what you want :)