Monday, July 5, 2010

Garden of Love

I have gotten bit by the gardening bug & it has been whispering into my ear...

First, the back story: I met my house 1.5 years ago - the gardens were bare - full only of 2 cedar globe bushes, a tiny weigela, a purple sand cherry, a hosta & 2 other bush types. The path flooded into a stream with every rain fall. The wooden step turned into a slip'n'slide at the slightest moisture. None of this really bothered me. It was easy to maintain and I was content painting the interior of the house... Until recently.

Now - I am ready for a change. I am ready for colour. I am ready for pretty, pretty flowers.

I know my basic design: informal country inspired perrenial garden: lower maintenance, lots of colour & year round (or at least as year round as Canada gets.) I want it to take over everything - be wild & free! But still be functional & practical for winter shovelling & use.

I have scoured the web & come up with a few inspirations of my vision to come.

A flagstone path by Cottage Charm Landscaping:

Or this one from Pandorea...:

Or even this with enough patience (found at Denver Botanical Garden):

Maybe recycled brick with how-to on Ben Riddering:

Or this one at Craftsman Remodelling with added flagstone pieces & mossy goodness:

Or do I want something more organic like Maggie at My Garden:

Even this one from Puddleduck Musings:

The overall garden of Empress of Dirt:

Including her rock edging:

Of course I would need a pickett fence, like this one from Better Homes & Gardens:

And natural stone edging as seen at The Garden Artist:

The ideas really are unlimited! This is going to be so much fun!


Lea Cioci said...

Your garden is so gorgeous, I felt so serene looking at the flowers and soft colors around. I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and the nice things you said about the USAQ project.

Ami said...

Surfing in from the empire of the Empress of Dirt :) Loving that BHG picket fence, so cute!

If you're doing your own hardscaping check secondhand sites like kijiji and for materials like sand and flagstones - I saved around $1K on my little fieldstone patio this way. Also the Taunton press has a super helpful DIY book called "Patios and Walkways" (sold by Lee Valley, I think, but you can probably order it elsewhere too).

~~Melissa said...

Thanks for the mention and I look forward to seeing what you create.

Maggie said...

Just returned from a camping trip to find your enthusiastic garden blog. . Thanks for the comment on my blog and for the path featured on your blog along with all the professionals!!! My paths are very rustic. I really need to do more perennials as you do, too!

I see your web page is Flickr. I have to mention that so much of my gardening time lately is taken up by the new photo upload site we are working on. If you you have the time, please have a look at :-) You can create your own 'page' there and join communities. and much much more... the flowers contest ended while I was away, and I have not yet checked for winner. But... maybe in the winter you would have more time.

thanks again.

PS: I am going to try to add you to my 'follow' list.. hope it works.