Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Garden Update

I was questioned about how my garden was coming along earlier this week.

As it is now frickin' cold (already!) & I even saw snowflakes last week :o( - my garden has officially been put on hold until next year. But lots of changes & exciting things happened (well, at least to me they are exciting!)

After pulling out all the unwanted bushes & plants (I can't find the "before" pic on this computer so you'll just have to trust me that it looked blah), we dug out the brick & mapped out the new path.

Then, we had to dig down as we discovered and VERY clay based soil (not so much soil at all actually!) (FYI: This water issue was also one of the main reasons behind the new landscaping.)

Next came the levelling by the very handy free labour guy! :)

Onto the fun part! Brick laying!

Tah dah! A new brick path. Lovely!

Now I just need to fill up my new gardens with new plants! Here's a start & I also added rock edging:

Lots still to do, but I think it looks SO good so far!


Oak said...

It looks fabulous! :)

SiameseRMe said...

Looking Good!!! Can you send your "free" labourer over to my house :-)