Wednesday, March 4, 2009


For those who know me, know my art or have just searched through the bowels of my Flickr site - they will already know of my great love of all things Zentangle. The mindless and very calming path of the controlled doodle (or in some cases not so controlled.) I love the final results and the various uses and techniques to use.
I started off little. I had a book of blank water colour postcards I got given to me for Xmas along with some dollar store gel pens. I put the pens to paper and came up with some great patterns and designs. I never stopped. I carried it with me everywhwere I went. The great things about zentanges is you can draw them basically on anything with anything you like and still get the design out. Here are some of my examples:

These are all ATCs (2.5"x3.5") done either on water colour paper or card stock with pens. Notice the variety of patterns and textures and colour. It is really up to you.

Now some people think zentangles should be done in a manner using certain tools and supplies. I do not follow this same thought process. I have even done some zentangles in full colour with sharpies and they ended up turning out more like doodles. But what are zentangles really other than a doodle?

I have also taken my love of zentangles to a smaller format and came out with some inchies (1"x1"):

Give it a try! They really are quite easy and fun! Especially after a hard day! Also visit: for more info on this unique art form.

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Kiya said...

Beautiful work Julie! I will have to check it out as I love to doodle....