Sunday, April 12, 2009

I've Been Bad

Here I go again neglecting my poor little blog. I have been doing some art and even purchased a little something for fun:

I am terribly excited about this and have jumped in with both feeties! My sister was even having a bad day last night due to a furbaby illness and so I let her drive over my book 3 times so we could get a good picture ans she could relieve some tension! It worked wonders - she began smiling immediately. My goal is to do at least one page a day. I will not worry if I miss a day though. It is supposed to be about fun! Today's contribution (2 of them!) included ripping a page up and then gluing and taping it back down to the following page.

Beyond the book I have been keeping busy making stretched canvas backgrounds for future artworks and mixed media creations. I am having a blast making these and really enjoy the free flow and messiness involved in their birth.

So much fun!

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