Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Art for Everyone!

First - A little story: Back in high school, a well meaning art teacher tried valiantly to get me to paint, draw & sculpt what she wanted/needed me to (read: teach different styles & techniques.) Well, stubborn as I was, I refused.

Since then, I still refuse to be told how or what my art should be. I fight every step of the way.

Why is she telling us this, you ask?

I just have to say it: I don't DO custom work. There - I said it. Whew!

So, when I rediscovered painting & drawing & art in general - I told myself no customs. Then friends & family whined at me - I huffed & I puffed - but:

Mom got her Oak picture:

Mandy got her Zanara & Lite picture:

Jessica got her cupcake painting:

& Mary got her goldfish necklace:

Despite my temper tantrum - it all turned out alright. Now my inner 5 year old is safely back on the shelf with a big lolli & a band-aid! :0)

1 comment:

Kiya said...

Don't think of it as custom work....think of it as an opportunity to create something for your friends and family they will truly love!

If your mum said "can you do me a picture of Oak?" and left it at that then you have total control over what kind of picture to for her!