Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Art of Business (Cards, That Is!)

I came up with the idea of painting little paintings and using them as my business cards. I have been collecting business cards (and even received a box of old ones from my hubby) for a 'rainy day' when I figured out what to do with them. Well, today it poured! :) I have been painting and painting and came up with 13 of them. Now I just have to decide what to do on the back to display my info. Hmmm....

The first step was to either paint the front (the back is blank on these ones)

Or to add phone book pages to both sides of the card ( for damaged, embossed and glossy cards.)

Next, I decided what images to paint and went forth painting them.

And painting...

Finally, here are some of the finished product. Still no backs yet. I will update later!!

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poketypatch said...

Thanks for showing how you do these. I have never taken any art classes, so I am always wondering what the process entails! Now, I can try too.