Friday, February 27, 2009

Furniture Redo

My husband and I recently purchased our very first house! Yeah! As soon as we moved in I was determined to finally make it my own. Too many years of living in an apartment I wasn't permitted to paint had put it's strain on me. So on a determined day, I bought some paint and decided I was going to paint some of the furniture!
What better to paint than a dresser we picked up out of the trash at the apartment that needed a new lease on life!

The first step: sanding it. Now here was the complication: it was December. It was cold and snowy out. The only sander we owned did not collect the shavings at all, so I couldn't sand inside the house. After some careful eyelash batting and "please!" I finally convinced my loving husband to sand the dresser in the garage. In he went and out he came an hour later. "It's ready!" he declared. So off to the store we went.
Now I have recently begun my love of bright colours. It has slowly been creeping up on me over the years. I have now such a love for colour I have no ability to choose just one. So after 45 mins standing in front of paint chips I finally chose a colour for the base coat: Rapture!

I had my paint, so back home we went. The first coat went on and then the second and we stood back in amazement. Now, it would be a great time to mention to you all that the reason I skipped the important step of priming the dresser is due to the fact that this dresser had already seen a coat of primer, paint and varnish in its life time. When we sanded it, we made sure to only sand it as far as the primer. Thus deleting one important step in the process.

After that paint dried the fun began! The acrylics came out and I got to work painting the dresser! Here are my results:

"Celebration Dresser" - Latex, acrylics and varnish sealant.

Jewels tried, tested and safe!

I loved the process and the finished product. I will definitely be painting more furniture, but I think I will wait until the warm weather comes. It would make the process SO much easier!


poketypatch said...

Really cute! Thanks for the tips on the gel. I am going to try it!

Catherine Louise Brown said...

great idea, i have never seen anything so creative. Funky colours, citty lou, swap bot