Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Phoenix art

As mentioned in a previous post here is the process of my Phoenix painting.

It began one day in Aug 2008 with my mothers' bday fast approaching and me with absolutely no idea what to get for her. She declared one day she wanted a mural painted on a blank wall in the hallway of her home. After I thought it through and tried to decide a plan for a mural - she decided that what she really wanted is a painting of her 14 year old dog Phoenix:

After thinking I would rather paint a mural then try my hand at Phoenix - I decided I had absolutely no supplies for this kind of painting - so off to Michaels I went! After 30 mins of floating around the painting aisles, I left with a bag of every colour I could have possibly used for Phoenix and some canvas. Next I sketched it out:

I liked how the drawing turned out so I left it for the night - looking at it and thrilled. I was terrified of painting over it - sure I was going to ruin it - so I did the only thing I could: The Background:
Ok, now I was stuck. I was unable to go any farther without actually ruining my drawing - so I dived right in and I painted the entire thing. After deciding the colours I used were so completely wrong - I tried again and repainted it. Here is the first layer:

Not too bad. The shading is coming along. The eyes and nose are just black in this photo with no definition yet. Whew! It is not so bad or scary! So I continue on:

I finish with this stage and leave it overnight - but something is off; something is not quite right. So a little more work is needed and:

I'm done! I'm actually done and I love it. It was not as bad as I thought! I didn't ruin it. This picture doesn't really show the eye shading, but it is there. Here is a closeup:

"Phoenix" - 16 x 20 stretched canvas. Acrylics. Sealed with Krylon finish.

Now they have asked me for 2 - yes 2! - paintings of Ebony. My heart flutters even thinking about it:

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