Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where to Start?

Whew! Today is the first day this month I have taken off from painting.

It has been a daily trial and error (mostly trials) of the wonderul world of painting. I hope to be able to start selling on line on various websites soon. (Ok, so I am scared sh#tless of selling my art - but I have to start somewhere as this was a goal of 2009.)

So after finally settling in the new house I began painting again. This was the first creation:

It is a 8 x 10 wrapped canvas with phone book paper glued on for texture and then painted in acrylics. Her crown is painted newspaper. I'm pretty happy with the end result. I like the colours and textures.

I immediately felt much more confident and continued onto another painting. Ugh! What a mistake! I hated it within the first few strokes of the brush. (Sorry I didn't even take a picture of it - I'll try better next time!) After adding my layers and more paint over the old - this was born:

Originally the painting was another girl with a bird in the background. It looked nothing similar to this one. This fabulousity (yes, it IS a word ! :-) ) is another 8x 10 stretched canvas with phone book paper and acrylic paints. The house, tree and embellishment is scrap book papers and it is entirely sealed in beeswax (my very first attempt!) I love the end result! It was totally unexpected and nothing I have ever created previously.

I thought nothing could stop me now!

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