Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Process

I decided I would try to show a little of my process to my paintings. I have to admit I am not good at stopping long enough to grad the camera. I tend to be a paint-in-one-session kind of artist. So here is my first try at my process!

I start out every canvas by adhering phone book pages to the canvas. I do this for a few reasons - I like the texture. I like the wrinkles and the words visable through the final paint. I get asked whether I should be using other peoples phone numbers, names and addresses in my artwork - I say: Sure! Why not? I get the pages from the Yellow Pages which are public knowledge anyways. You can find all the info on the pages I use on the internet - now there is privacy for you! :)

Stage 2. The first coat of paint. I actually had to stop and go to work at this point. I also found out (rather late) that I was completely out of white paint and in need of going to the store first. So far - I don't like the face. Too perfect and bright. I'll have to fix that!

"Star Gazer" - 8 x 10 Stretched canvas. Mixed media - glitter, confetti, acrylics, gems & papers. Sealed in Krylon finish.
Overall, I am quite happy with the look. As you can see I changed the nose and added more depth to the face & features. I also changed the background to a different colour by adding a blue wash over the grey I had (it is difficult to see in this pic.) I love the final appearance of the sky. This piece really looks great in the sun!

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SiameseRMe said...

I loved reading and seeing "the process" from beginning to end. How extremely satisfying it must be to create something so unique and beautiful from something as mundane as the pages of a phone book. What a talented lady you are!